Case Study: Terrible Triad Right Elbow Fracture Dislocation

Patricia came in with a terrible triad right elbow fracture dislocation. She was in significant pain, was unable to use her arm and was worried that she would never be able to get back to her normal life. She is back to doing what she loves and is very pleased with the function of her arm.

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Heat This or Ice That?!

A common question we get in therapy is when to use modalities such as heat or ice/cold. They are both very helpful in treating pain in joints and muscles and can be used to assist in your recovery from injury or surgery.

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So, Your Doctor Ordered Physical Therapy, Now What?

In Illinois, patients have the ability to choose their therapy location. While many factors may be taken into consideration, doing your physical therapy at your surgeons office offers many advantages…

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Thank You for Allowing Us to Continue to Care For You

2020 has posed many challenges for all, but we are so grateful to be able to continue to serve our community in the way we know best- by addressing all of your orthopedic needs with the utmost care and skill, even amongst the many obstacles we have all endured…

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Don't Wait to Have Your Hand Pain Checked Out

There are amazing things that can be done both surgically and non-surgically to make your life better and even correct deformity, including joint replacements in the wrist, hand and fingers. If you wait until you are having weakness and you are starting to lose muscle mass, it is rare that it will ever come back.

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