Friday Night Lights Walk-in Clinic for Injury Evaluations

Friday night sport/injury evaluations at our office from 9-11 pm. We diagnose and begin treatment immediately. We offer on-site X-ray, casting and splinting. Going to the ER can be a frustrating and costly experience, wasting hours when care can be provided in minutes.

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What Parents Should Know About Little League Shoulder Injuries

Baseball is taking a new role in my life as I have three sons who are starting their baseball careers. However, I look at the game and these young athletes with a different perspective now. As an orthopedic surgeon who focuses on the shoulder, I see overuse injuries as a result of this game we love.

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What is Revision Joint Replacement Surgery?

Revision is another word for “redo.” Sometimes problems can occur with your initial joint replacement that require further surgery. Sometimes simple adjustments need to be made. Sometimes you require removal and replacement of all the parts. With revision surgery, this is always a case by case basis.

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Why Now?

Many patients come to our office looking for relief because of pain of their hips, knees, and shoulders. It's common for our discussion to center around conservative treatments including medications, activity modifications, and injections. All too frequently, we enter the discussion of joint replacement.

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