Athletic Performance

Building Better Athletes

Our Mission

The mission of Athletic Performance @ DOC is to help build better athletes that are optimized for peak performance and protected against injury. Superior athletes excel in agility, speed, power, flexibility and functional strength.

Competition and pushing the human body to achieve more can involve injury. Our programming has the key components that have been scientifically proven to decrease the rate of major injuries by 53%.

Our team is ready to respond with our Return 2 Play program to get post-injury athletes back to full capability in their sport(s) as safely and quickly as possible. We do this through an individualized program of physical therapy, injury prevention screening, and corrective exercise programming.

Our program is built and overseen by experts at every level. Our orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists and athletic performance coaches collaborate together to create integrated programming suited for the developing athlete. No other facility in our region has orthopedic specialists and physical therapists on site to aid in the optimization of each athlete.

We offer core athletic optimization where every athlete can build power, speed and agility. This programming is essential to success in all sports. We also offer sport specific optimization. Sport specific training programs include volleyball, baseball, softball, basketball, football, golf, track & field, etc.

Core Athletic Optimization

Developmental Athletic Performance (DAP)

  • Ages 8-9
  • Fun, positive, engaging, high success environment.
  • Focus on foundational movement patterns & building athleticism.
  • Strength training NOT weightlifting
  • 6 week recurring sessions
  • Multiple daily class times
  • Offered 5 days per week (recommend 3 days min)
  • 45 minute classes
  • 10 athlete limit per class
  • $200 per 6 week session
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Core Athletic Performance (CAP)

  • Ages 10–12
  • Fun, positive, engaging, high success environment.
  • Focus on foundational movement patterns (push, pull, hinge, squat, lunge, loaded carry) & building athleticism.
  • Strength training NOT weightlifting
  • 6 week recurring sessions
  • Multiple daily class times
  • Offered 5 days per week (recommend 3 days min)
  • 45 minute classes
  • 10 athlete limit per class
  • $200 per 6 week session
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Advanced Athletic Performance (AAP)

  • Ages 13+
  • Programming for increased capabilities due to age and experience
  • Strength training to utilize bodyweight, med balls, slam balls, kettlebells, dumbbells, etc.
  • 6 week recurring sessions
  • Multiple daily class times
  • Offered 5 days per week (recommend 3 days min)
  • 45 minute classes
  • 10 athlete limit per class
  • $200 per 6 week session
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Sport Specific Optimization (SSO)

  • Advanced strength & conditioning programming
  • Introduction to weightlifting techniques
  • Advanced weightlifting programming where appropriate
  • 13 years and older
  • 6 week recurring sessions
  • Multiple daily class times
  • Offered 5 days per week (recommend 3 days min)
  • 45 minute classes
  • 10 athlete limit per class
  • $200 per 6 week session
  • Customized team training available upon request
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Elite Athletic Optimization (EAO)

  • 10 years old and older
  • For the athlete that wants individualized programming & coaching
  • 1 – 3 (max) athletes per coach
  • Flexible schedule (including weekends)
  • Custom pricing based on the number of athletes
  • Contact Mark Putnam (will respond within 24 hours)
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Weight training in Decatur, IL
Athletic training in Decatur, IL
Athletic Performance in Decatur, IL

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DOC Athletic Performance FAQs

Will my athlete be lifting weights?

Our priorities for all our programs are always in this order:

  1. Mechanics – Teaching & reinforcing proper functional movement patterns
  2. Consistency – Mechanically sound movement for multiple repetitions under working conditions.
  3. Intensity – This is achieved through adding resistance or weight to a movement only when the two standards above are met.

All participants will be doing age appropriate and supervised strength training. For participants in our Core Athletic Optimization programs (10 – 12 years old), a significant amount of our workouts will utilize bodyweight. Weights to be used will include dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls and resistance bands. We will NOT use barbells. Our focus is on teaching and ingraining proper functional movement patterns so that when your athlete is ready, they will be prepared for more complex movements.

Participants in our Sport Specific Program (13+) will initially be introduced to basic weightlifting techniques with a barbell. They will be allowed to increase weight and complexity only as they exhibit proficiency in the introductory movements. 

We utilize strength training and weightlifting to help build better athletes. We are not necessarily trying to build absolute strength. We only need to lift as heavy as needed to achieve the stimulus and results desired. 

Will my athlete be sore?

It is not our goal to make athletes sore. We strive to avoid soreness so that training frequency and consistency can be maintained. However, your athlete may experience slight soreness at the beginning of training especially if this a new experience for them. Slight muscle soreness is ok and should pass within a few days. If soreness persists it should be communicated to the coach and rest is recommended. Communication between athletes/parents and the coach are essential. 

How frequently should my athlete attend class?

We recommend attending at least three classes per week. However, your athlete is welcome to attend as many or few classes per week as you desire. Our focus is long-term progress and this is achieved with consistency. Three days per week where your athlete is able to maintain a high level of intensity is better than five days of lower intensity followed by several days off due to exhaustion.

Can/should my athlete attend more than one class consecutively?

Attending consecutive classes is ok but we recommend at least 24 hours rest after attending two consecutive classes. (e.g. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday)

Can my athlete participate in your programs if they are also actively involved in a sport? 

Yes. Our program is specifically designed to help build better athletes – in or out of season of their sport(s). The frequency with which they attend class might fluctuate with whether their sport is in or out of season, but our program will not undermine their performance. 

Can/should my athlete attend class on days when they have practice or a game? 

Yes they can but it will depend on your athlete. If they are excited about attending class and their practice/game then they will be ok. If they appear to be uninterested to attend class, use your discernment to decide if their reluctance is legitimate or are they unmotivated. Always err on the side of it being legitimate. They can always attend class the next day.

Are parents allowed to watch classes?

Yes. Parents are always welcome at any class. Parents are also encouraged to ask questions of the coach. We would ask that if you want to speak with a coach to do so before or after class. Once class starts, the athletes and coach will be busy for the full 45 minutes of class. 

A coach may likewise wish to speak to a parent if they observe a physical issue they want to discuss or suggest a consultation with a physical therapist or doctor.

Are classes co-ed or are separate classes offered for boys and girls?

Classes in our Core Athletic Optimization programs for 10-12 year olds are co-ed. Classes in our Sport Specific Optimization program for athletes 13 years old and older will run simultaneously for boys & girls, but they will work separately. All class sizes will be limited to a maximum of ten athletes so that one coach can adequately supervise and provide the highest level of coaching.

How does my athlete start?

We offer recurring 6 week sessions for our Core Athletic Optimization & Sport Specific Optimization programs. We ask that all athletes start when a new session begins.

Within our Core Athletic Optimization program (10-12) we offer two stages – Core Athletic Performance (CAP) & Advanced Athletic Performance (AAP). All participants must start and complete CAP before they can start AAP. These programs build on each other thus the requirement that all athletes start with CAP.

Within our Sport Specific Optimization (13+), we offer one group class for all athletes. Girls and boys classes will run simultaneously, but they will work separately. Class sizes are limited to ten athletes to insure this can be done effectively and efficiently.

Is there any other option besides group classes?

Yes. Our Elite Athletic Optimization program provides your athlete a private training option. This program is available to all athletes 10 years old and older. It is completely individualized training and coaching. Your athlete can train alone or with up to two friends. Scheduling is flexible including weekends. Pricing is determined by how many athletes train together.

How do I sign my athlete up?

We are offering an unlimited package for each session in which you register your athlete.

  1. Please select the package you are wanting to purchase under Packages.
  2. Enter in your contact information and then click “Pay Now and Complete Order”.
  3. Your billing information automatically pre-populates and you need to enter your credit card information and your zip code.
  4. Once you hit “Pay & Finish”, you will be given a confirmation and can click on the “Schedule” link to take you to the scheduling home page.
  5. From here, you select your desired class. The monthly calendar will appear and you can select which day(s) and time(s) you would like to attend. Your information is automatically carried through and you can complete your class registration.

Can I schedule more than one class at a time?

Yes, you can schedule as many classes as you wish at one time during the 6 week class session. You have the option to select recurring days/times (e.g. every Monday, Wednesday and Friday) or you can select varying classes each week.

How to select more than one day:

  1. From the calendar view, select the first day and time you wish to register for.
  2. Instead of clicking “Continue”, please click “Add a Time”. Select the next day and time you wish to sign up and repeat these steps as needed.
  3. To schedule recurring days, click on “Recurring” and fill in the appropriate fields.
  4. Then click “Continue”. Your information is pre-populated.
  5. Please click “Complete Appointment” to confirm your registered time slots.

Do you have a class cancellation policy?

We ask that you try to cancel 24 hours in advance so that your athlete’s spot can be filled if possible. We understand circumstances might not allow you to cancel 24 hours in advance. If so please cancel as far in advance of the class as possible. You can cancel through the scheduling link on our website.

Do you have reduced attendance options for your group classes?

We only offer paid in full for our group classes. At the recommended attendance frequency of three classes per week, our six week programs are very reasonably priced on a per class basis. Even if your athlete attends less than three classes per week the per class price is still appropriate in relation to the value you receive. We are confident we will deliver an incredible experience that supports our pricing.

What is your refund policy?

We want happy, satisfied and returning clients. If your athlete cannot or does not want to continue with a program please contact us and we will work together to find a solution.

What COVID protocols are you following?

We are committed to insuring the health, safety and comfort of all our clients. We sanitize our entire facility daily and as needed during the day. We ask all clients to bring their own water bottle.